About Us

The Creeslough View is a community magazine that publishes articles, interviews and photographs about the Creeslough and Dunfanaghy area in Co Donegal, Ireland. It is edited by Gerald Duffy and was originally published as a once off publication in 2001, but due to its success the magazine has continued to be published year after year.

Since our first successful magazine, we have published a magazine every year aswell as having built up a huge archive of photographs, video footage, and interviews and stories with people around the Creeslough/Dunfanaghy area.

Although we go to print once a year in November, we collect material all year around and the project is a year long effort. If you would like to contribute an article or photos to the magazine please contact Gerald on [email protected]

Over the years we have published articles from people living in the area, as well as the diaspora who now live further afield. We have published many thousand copies of the magazine over the years, and it has been hugely popular both at home and as a present for those abroad.

We intend that our publication give the local people of our area an opportunity to publish articles, stories, poems and photographs relating to past or present experiences and events.

Since the beginning of the project we have had lots of help from many people, but the project would not exist without the help of Declan Breslin and Gerald Duffy. Many thanks to all our readers and contributors!

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If you would like to contribute to the magazine or have an idea for a story or someone you would think would make a good interviewee please contact Gerald on [email protected]