Henry Ford’s visit to Creeslough

One morning young Johnny Doherty who worked in Sharkey’s Hotel in Creeslough was sent to Creeslough railway station to pick up a passenger who was going to holiday in the Rosapenna Hotel.  The passenger questioned Johnny about the Ford Model T, he was driving- “how does it drive?”- “how do the springs stand up to the (then untarred roads)? Does the gearbox give any trouble? “Do you have any trouble getting it started?”

Johnny answered all the questions as best as he could.  When they pulled up at the Rosapenna Hotel, the passenger was met by the manager, but before he went inside he gave Johnny a £5 tip which was very large in those days.  “Thanks for all the information”, he said, “you are as good as any of my mechanics on the assembly line in Detroit where I manufacture these cars.”  It was only then that Johnny realised that he had just driven the famous Henry Ford. In later years Johnny became the lorry driver for J.W. Cunningham & Co. Builders and was known all over Co. Donegal.

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